FREE PC Diagnosis

Fountain Hills PC Repair, LLC. offers a very unique service that separates us from the rest.

We understand that not all computers are financially worth fixing and would hate to see you spend your hard earned money only to find out that it isn’t worth the investment. This is why we have decided to provide all of our clients and potential clients a no risk, zero cost, zero obligation FREE diagnosis.


This will cover 100% of desktops and about 75% of laptops. If your laptop has a problem that would require us to completely disassemble it in order to find the source of a problem there will be a $25 charge however a Fountain Hills PC Repair, LLC. representative will contact you via phone or email to get your approval prior to proceeding with this diagnosis to make sure you are okay with this charge. If you decide not to proceed with the repair of your PC or laptop there will be no charges billed to you, simply come on in and pick up your PC or laptop along with our official diagnosis.


For more information about such services and pricing please contact us via phone, email, in person or by filling out our contact us form.

Computer Restore Packages

Basic Computer Restore Package

Basic Restore Package

Advanced Computer Restore Package

Advanced Restore Package

Premium Computer Restore Package

Premium Restore Package
+ Antiviral Protection

Virus, spyware, adware and malware removal

This service is only provided after a free diagnosis determines the type of virus or infection you have. Some infections are best cured by one of our 3 packages and are more financially economical. If the infection you have can be repaired by simply locating it and removing it we will certainly recommend this service over the 3 restore packages.

Data Backup & Migration

This service can only be performed on non damaged hard drives. A free diagnosis will determine the condition of your hard drive and if it is in a good working state we will completely back up all of the data on the hard drive across all partitions. We will then move that data over to your new PC, Laptop or customer provided external media source such as a large flash drive or external hard drive. If you do not have a flash drive or external hard drive we can provide them for you. Prices vary based on storage space and connection type. For further clarification please contact us via phone, email, or in person.

System update service

This service can only be performed after a free diagnosis is provided in order to make sure your system is in a decent enough condition to be updated. If in fact your system is in a good condition we will check for all Microsoft updates and apply them to your PC. We will also check for any software you are using and update that as well IF any updates are available at that time.

iPod Data Transfer

We will transfer all of your iPods data to a new PC, Laptop or external device of your choice. This will include all of your music, videos, pictures and play list.

Software configuration and setup

We will install any software application you provide for a flat rate of $24.95 which includes 1 application only. There is no time limit to this service however programs requiring more time to install may require you to leave your system with us for 1 business day in order to accomplish your install. . For further clarification please contact us via phone, email, or in person.